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Remuneration for public sector executives is established by government and managed by the Government Sector Executive Remuneration Panel (GSERP). The VPSC provides advice and support to the operations

Policy on Executive Remuneration for Public Entities in the Broader Public Sector explains how remuneration is determined and approval procedures. It is recommended reading for board members, CEOs and HR practitioners in public sector organisations.
The processes described in the policy apply to all public sector entities, except where the employment of executives has been brought under the Public Administration Act 2004, or where the Premier has approved an exemption of a category or group from the policy.

A series of Frequently Asked Questions has been developed to provide information on issues relating to GSERP and the policy on executive remuneration for public entities.

Proforma Executive Contract

To assist Boards in the management of executive employment, a Proforma Executive Contract for Public Sector Executives was developed. While use of the contract is not required, it contains the essential policy elements for executive employment and closely follows the public service model.

GSERP Annual Survey

Each year GSERP surveys executive remuneration practice in the public sector. The survey serves a number of purposes. It provides information regarding compliance with government policy and remuneration practice. It underpins the analysis and reporting of executive remuneration in the public sector.

All public sector employers are required to report on remuneration practices. The survey is conducted in June each year. Key contacts are confirmed annually and log-on details provided to allow completion of the survey.

Vehicle Costing Methodology

The Vehicle Costing Methodology is used to calculate the cost of a motor vehicle in an executive’s total remuneration package.

To calculate the cost to an individual’s package, you can use the Executive Vehicle – Cost To Package Calculator. This calculator is effective from 1 February 2010 and replaces all previous versions. You can also view a sample calculation.

The Victorian Public Service Executive Employment Handbook (Appendix J) has more details on executive vehicle cost to package and definitions.