Six months post launch, we look at what the VLA has achieved so far, and how it's placed to deliver on its goals.

VLA Pilot

22 Executive Officers participated in the VLA pilot late last year.

Each attended a day in the VLA development centre, took part in an individualised feedback session and created a tailored development plan. They also provided feedback and insights to help improve the VLA experience.

Between April and September 2017 the 22 pilot participants will each take part in three experiential development opportunities.

These innovative experiences have been custom-designed for the pilot group. They focus on two key development needs from the Victorian Public Sector Leadership Capability Framework:

  • Fostering talent and building capability
  • Delivering better outcomes for Victorians and adopting a continuous improvement approach.

Feedback from the pilot participants from these experiences will be incorporated into the broader suite of development opportunities coordinated by the VLA in the future.


Between March and June this year, executives from the Victorian Public Service departments and Victoria Police are participating in VLA assessment and development planning.

All executives will complete the experience with a comprehensive development plan. The plan is individually tailored with an objective and practical evaluation of  the executive’s strengths and development areas.

Coming Soon

Comprehensive data and analytics about their executive talent will soon be shared with Victorian Public Service Departments and Victoria Police.

This will inform talent management, succession planning and agency-led leadership development activities.

Evaluation of VLA

A robust evaluation framework is being finalised with our independent evaluator, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

This framework will help measure the effectiveness, appropriateness and efficiency of the VLA. The baseline assessment commenced in March 2017 with mid- and end-point assessment planned in future years.

Executive Coaching

VLA is establishing a fit-for-purpose executive coaching panel.

In February 2017 a request for tender was released to the market with a closing date of 11 April 2017. By the middle of 2017, a panel will be established with a diversity of experience and expertise that will deliver leading practice coaching services to selected VLA participants. The panel will comprises professional coaches and current or former leaders from the private, public and not-for-profit sector, with demonstrated appreciation of the challenges faced by Victorian Public Sector executives.

For more information regarding the tender please visit the Victorian Tenders website.

Past updates

The Academy is on track to provide the Victorian Secretaries Board with extensive data and analysis on the leadership capability of the Victorian Public Service executive workforce from July 2017.

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The Victorian Leadership Academy has made significant progress since its official launch on 5 September 2016.

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