Statement regarding Ombudsman Victoria report on conflict of interest at MFB - 19 June 2017

All public officials have a duty to uphold the high standards of integrity and conduct that the community rightly expects.

There is no place in the Victorian public sector for nepotism or dishonesty. The conduct described in the Ombudsman’s report into allegations of an officer’s conflict of interest at the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board is entirely inconsistent with public sector values and merit-based employment principles.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission provides codes of conduct, employment standards, guidance materials and model policies to support public sector organisations to uphold core public sector values and employment principles. These materials assist organisations to protect against integrity failures and make clear the standards that all public servants must abide by.

However, the Ombudsman’s report is a salient reminder of the need for constant vigilance in guarding public sector integrity and the importance of speaking up when officials deliberately betray the public trust.

Belinda Clark  QSO
Victorian Public Sector Commission

Review the Codes of Conduct materials

Review the Victorian Public Sector Employment Standards