Secondment Myths and Facts is a compilation of common Victorian public sector myths and facts surrounding secondment arrangements. It is intended to provide line managers with answers to some of the questions they may have when considering, implementing and reviewing secondment arrangements.

Secondments can be a useful and effective way to make sure that an organisation has the right set of capabilities at the right time. They also have the additional benefits of: reduced time to recruit, reduced cost of recruiting and the development and engagement of employees.

In this resource, ‘home organisation’ refers to an organisation, or part of an organisation, that an employee is moving, or has moved, from. ‘Receiving organisation’ refers to the organisation that an employee is moving, or has moved, to.

Note: The information contained within this document does not replace any Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) or organisational policy and is provided as a guide only.

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Secondment Myths and Facts

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