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Focus on Recruitment

This program creates a new pathway to public sector careers for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander vocational graduates.

What the program is

The Barring Djinang TAFE and VET graduate program places graduatewith a Certificate III or higher in jobs across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

The program includes:  

  • 12-month job in a Victorian public service department or public sector organisation 
  • a permanent job, or minimum 2year contract, upon completion of the program
  • workplace preparedness support 
  • workshops and learning and development 
  • Aboriginal staff networks and connections

This program is an initiative of Barring Djinang: our 5-year Aboriginal employment strategy for the Victorian public sector.  

For graduates

Register your interest 

  • head to and search the available jobs
  • fill out an application form for the job(s) you’re interested in

Who canapply 

If you are an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander graduate with a Certificate III or higher (from recognised Australian TAFE or VET provider) you are eligible to apply for this program.  

The program is not open to holders of tertiary (undergraduate / postgraduate) qualifications. 

Why apply 

  • match with an employer and role in line with your TAFE or VET area of study
  • start your career in the Victorian public sector
  • attend workshops and participate in learning and development opportunities
  • engage with Aboriginal staff networks and connections

For employers

Apply now

If you would like to apply for a graduate, please fill out theapplication form.

Applications closed 5pm  Friday 20 November 2020 .

Who canapply 

You can apply to take on a graduate if you work for a Victorian public sector organisation. 

Why apply 

  • connect Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander graduates with a career in public service
  • support graduates to gain professional experience and networks 
  • prepare graduates for success in the Victorian public sector 
  • grow your Aboriginal workforce


Employers are required to pay the graduate’s salary both during and after the program as follows:  

  • During the program (12-month graduate placement): $54,869 plus superannuation and on-costs (VPS grade 2.1.4 or equivalent).  
  • After the program (on-going role): $60,114 per annum plus superannuation (VPS grade 2.2.1). 

Key components of the program are a VPS 2.1.4 (or equivalent) during placement, and an ongoing VPS 2.2.1 on successful completion.

However, we understand that public sector organisations may have unique circumstances that mean these outcomes may need to be adjusted to better suit their business.

Get in touch with us and we will work with you to ensure the most consistent approach possible, to the benefit of the graduate and your business.

How the program works 

We run this program with our employment partnersto make sure each graduate iswell-matched with an organisation andsupportedthroughout theprogram. 

Whatour employment partner will do

Our employment partner will: 

  • promote graduate opportunities to eligible students 
  • prepare and assist managers and teams to work effectively with graduates 
  • provide cultural safety assessments for employers 
  • match employers with a mentor for the entire program 

Before the graduates start, our employment partner will providepre-work assessments including:  

  • work readiness training 
  • work practice training 
  • literacy and numeracy training (if required) 
  • matching a mentor based on graduate needs


What The Commission will do 

We will: 

  • be the central point of contact for you throughout the program
  • help youfinda graduate based on your needs and their studies 
  • host a virtual welcome event attended by graduates and managers 
  • host an induction day for graduates 
  • host an end of program event for interns and managers 

We will support youduringthe programwith: 

  • a manager briefing session 
  • cultural awareness training 
  • regular check-ins   

We will support the graduate’sdevelopment through: 

  • coordinating a Learning and Development schedule 
  • regular check-ins 


What you do as a graduate employer 

You will: 

  • reviewgraduateCVs and conductan interviewwith your candidate 
  • onboard your graduate 
  • allocate a buddy to provide support 
  • provideyourgraduate with clear expectations and workplace goals 
  • set your graduate performance development plan 
  • engageyourgraduateinmeaningful work   
  • set up regular check-ins and provideregular feedback   
  • complete a program evaluation at the end of the graduate year 
  • be available to your graduate when they need you 
  • giveyour graduate time to attend any program events or professional development workshops   

Last updated: 10/11/2020

The 2020 program will consist of placements across metropolitan Melbourne and regional locations.