Our approach

We use an outcomes approach to focus on what matters most to the community. We translated our vision and purpose into a clear set of outcomes.

We will partner with departments and agencies to focus on four priorities that contribute to achieving those outcomes.

Our initiatives are the specific programs or projects we plan to deliver over 3 years, understanding that our annual work plans must allow flexibility during this time of uncertainty.


A trusted public sector that delivers exceptional outcomes for the Victorian community.


An integrated and future-focused public sector

A public sector that is:

  • committed to excellence
  • innovative and adaptive to changing circumstances
  • connected and works together.

An inclusive, high-performing and engaged workforce

A workforce that is:

  • capable and flexible
  • inclusive and diverse
  • digitally-enabled and customer-focused
  • embodies public sector values.

Empowering and engaged leaders

Leaders who:

  • embody public sector values
  • are strategic and accountable
  • drive service excellence
  • support and develop their people.

Victorians trust the public sector

A public sector that:

  • is transparent and accountable
  • has strong governance
  • is trusted and acts with integrity.


Strategic priority 1: Promote workforce reform

  • Provide whole-of-Victorian-government people data and analytics and insight
  • Support a digitally enabled and flexible workforce
  • Provide workforce planning advice

Strategic priority 2: Support a positive employee experience

  • Promote diverse, inclusive and healthy workplaces
  • Support employment and career pathways
  • Develop leading practice to support whole-of-Victorian-government people initiatives

Strategic priority 3: Develop outstanding leadership and stewardship

  • Support high-quality leadership development and strengthen Executive leadership capability
  • Promote a connected and collaborative Senior Executive Service
  • Support Executive mobility and career pathways

Strategic priority 4: Promote public trust

  • Promote and advocate for an impartial and professional public sector
  • Drive a preventative approach to integrity and governance issues
  • Strengthen integrity and governance capability
  • Review and enquire into critical issues