We will:

  • promote diverse, inclusive and healthy workplaces
  • support employment and career pathways
  • develop leading practice to support WOVG people initiatives.

A diverse workforce that is digitally enabled and customer-focused will understand and deliver for the Victorian community. We want people of all abilities, backgrounds, genders and cultures to feel safe and empowered working in the public sector. Each of us has different ideas, perspectives and skills to share. The more we share, the more we understand each other. When our workforce is reflective of the community, government services work better for everyone.

To date, we have focused our inclusion efforts on Aboriginal people and people with disability. We will continue to lead Barring Djinang, the public sector’s five-year Aboriginal employment strategy, partnering with the Aboriginal community to evaluate its impact and set the next phase from 2022 onwards. We will continue to lead Getting to Work, the public sector’s disability employment action plan, strategising with department champions to accelerate progress.

Over the next 3 years, we will widen the scope to develop a whole of Victorian Government diversity and inclusion strategy that supports a broader range of groups such as LGBTIQ and people from culturally, linguistically, economically and socially diverse backgrounds.

We will continue to support employment and career pathways, managing Careers.Vic as the community’s front door to public sector jobs. We will expand the number of professional streams in the Victorian Government graduate program, maintaining inclusive participation pathways and targeting recruitment to grow workforce capability in areas of future need. In this way, we will work to position Victorian Government as an employer of choice.

The Jobs and Skills Exchange was established in 2019 to provide Victorian Public Service employees with priority access to all jobs across the Victorian Public Service. We will work together to make sure the public service has the right people in the right place, at the right time. We will develop a Victorian Public Service professions model and find the most efficient way to meet surge demand for specific skills and expertise across departments.

Promote diverse, inclusive and healthy workplaces

  • Implement the Getting to Work disability employment action plan and develop the next phase, including employment policies, guidance and resources
  • Develop a whole-of-Victorian-government diversity and inclusion strategy
  • In partnership with the Aboriginal community, deliver and evaluate the Barring Djinang Aboriginal employment strategy, then set the next strategy

Support employment and career pathways

  • Attract high-quality candidates to public sector roles and pathways
  • Deliver the Victorian Public Service graduate and early career programs and further develop professional streams for graduates
  • Promote inclusive participation pathways for Aboriginal and disability graduates
  • Deliver and enhance the Jobs and Skills Exchange and Careers.Vic to support skills development, workforce mobility and career opportunities

Develop leading practice to support WOVG people initiatives

  • Modernise merit-based practices and resources to support inclusion outcomes
  • Develop and support the implementation of a Victorian Public Service capability framework, including the Victorian Public Service professions model
  • Through the Jobs and Skills Exchange, establish a flexible employment model to meet surge demand for expertise across departments