The Victorian Public Sector Commission has issued a new Code of Conduct for Directors of Victorian Public Entities, effective 29 March 2016.

This is the first major review of the code since 2006.  It has been significantly reworked to better reflect the Victorian public sector values and standard of behaviour expected of our directors and statutory office holders.

The new code also outlines directors’ obligations under the Public Administration Act 2004 and is fully aligned with the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

For the public sector, one of the cornerstones of serving the people is maintaining citizens’ trust. Public sector employees are expected to preserve the public interest by behaving ethically, managing their organisations efficiently and effectively, and acting openly and transparently.

Experience has shown that directors play a significant role in moulding the behaviours and attitudes of the staff within those organisations.  With over 3,000 public entities in Victoria, directors need to exemplify the values expected of everyone who works in the public sector.

The Code complements other guidance material the Commission has published to help directors fulfil their roles, such as Welcome to the Board and Conflicts of Interest and Duty.

Read more about the code.