We run the survey to support public sector organisations to build positive workplace cultures that operate consistent with the public sector values.

Organisations use the results to improve the working environment for their employees.

Timing of the survey

In June 2022, 52% of employees from 174 organisations took part in the People matter survey wellbeing check.

Results from the survey were given to organisations in late July.

The Commission intends to publicly release all organisation-level results on its website in early 2023.

Organisation participation

All eligible public sector organisations were expected to take part in the 2022 survey.

Greater organisation participation improves the consistency of data collection across the public sector and enables annual reporting that is more representative of the public sector.

Increasing the number of participating organisations from across the public sector supports accountability across the government.

Individual participation

The survey is optional for individuals, however employees were encouraged to have their say to provide feedback on their workplace experience.

When more people take part in the survey, their views of their organisation strengthen the case for workplace cultural change.

What’s different in 2022

The Victorian Public Sector Commission offered a new approach to the People matter survey from 2022.

Following sector wide consultation in 2021, the Victorian Public Sector Commission offered a short survey in 2022, and a longer survey in 2023 to help organisations meet their Gender Equality Act 2020 audit and reporting requirements.

In 2022, you’ll see:

  • a shorter survey that is around half the length of the 2021 survey
  • less repetition in the questions
  • improved user experience
  • shorter reports focussed on wellbeing.

For more information, explore survey questions for 2022