Survey timeline

For organisations taking part in the October 2023 survey, each step of the survey timeline has been outlined below.

Template for organisation composition and custom questions

There are 2 types of composition questions: Type 1 ‘organisation structure’ and Type 2 ‘other composition’ questions.

Organisation structure (hierarchy) questions

Organisation structure (hierarchy) questions allow you to get reports for employee groups within your organisation, e.g., divisions, branches, teams, etc. We provide reports for each group within your organisation hierarchy that receives at least 10 survey responses.

Enter the levels of your organisation hierarchy in the ‘Your organisation structure’ tab.

Other composition questions

Other composition questions allow you to get additional information about your organisation structure in your reports, such as workplace or site location. Only if required.

Enter work locations in the ‘Other composition questions’ tab.

Custom questions

Your organisation can include up to 5 custom questions in the survey to gather results on specific areas of interest that may not be covered by the core survey questions.

Enter custom questions in the ‘Custom question’ tab.

Make sure your organisation approves this spreadsheet before you send it to This form is due on 11 August 2023.

Use the document below, you need to fill out this template as a table.

Organisation composition template (XLSX, 4 sheets)

How to promote your survey

Use this guide to help your organisation get the most out of the People matter survey.

The promotional resources and tips we’ve provided can be personalised to suit your organisation.

Promoting the survey tells employees that their voice matters and that your organisation is committed to workplace improvement.

It fosters strong engagement, as it encourages your employees to participate, giving you richer data and insights to develop a high performing and engaged workforce.

If you need help with anything in this guide, email

Promotional resources

Note: by downloading these files and images, you accept all responsibility to use them to promote the People matter survey to your organisation, and do not reproduce or use these images without permission for other purposes.

Suggested key messages

Key pieces of information about the 2023 survey experience.

Suggested key messages (DOCX, 7 pages)

Email templates

Email templates you can use for the survey to promote, invite and remind people.

Sample invitation and reminder emails (DOCX, 7 pages)

News article

A news article you can tailor for your intranet when you promote the People matter survey 2023.

Sample news article (DOCX, 4 pages)

Speaking notes

Notes you can tailor for your senior leaders when they’re speaking about the People matter survey.

Speaking notes (DOCX, 6 pages)


A slide deck you can use to explain the People matter survey to your staff, also available as a word file.

Survey overview presentation (PPTX, 13 slides)

Survey overview word document (DOCX, 8 pages)


Set of 14 posters you can use to promote your survey.

Posters – health sector organisations (PDF, 6 pages)

Posters – all other organisations (PDF, 8 pages)

Customisable design files

Set of design files you can customise to promote your survey, with instructions for fonts and placement of images or QR codes. File format is Adobe InDesign. Avoid using QR codes on material such as posters or splash screens placed in public areas.

Customisable InDesign pack (ZIP file)

Email signature banners

Set of 13 email signature banners you can use to promote your survey.

Signature banners – health sector organisations (ZIP file)

Signature banners – all other organisations (ZIP file)

Promotional images

Set of 13 promotional images you can use to promote your survey.

Promotional images – health sector organisations (ZIP file)

Promotional images – all other organisations (ZIP file)

Virtual meeting backgrounds

Set of 2 virtual meeting backgrounds you can use to promote your survey.

Virtual meeting backgrounds (ZIP file)

Splash screens

Set of 14 splash screens you can use to promote your survey at workstations across your organisation.

Size 1024×768

Splash screens, size 1024×768 – health sector organisations (ZIP file)

Splash screens, size 1024×768 – all other organisations (ZIP file)

Size 1280×1024

Splash screens, size 1280×1024 – health sector organisations (ZIP file)

Splash screens, size 1280×1024 – all other organisations (ZIP file)

Size 1920×1080

Splash screens, size 1920×1080 – health sector organisations (ZIP file)

Splash screens, size 1920×1080 – all other organisations (ZIP file)

How to use your online dashboards

Use this guide to help use your online dashboards.

How to use your People matter survey online dashboard reports 2023 (PPTX, 35 slides)