Find all the information Survey Coordinators need to run a successful People Matter Survey for 2019.

Welcome to the People Matter Survey 2019

The People Matter Survey (PMS) 2019 features a new framework and revised question set. The survey content is now more accessible, with shorter, simplified questions and clear definitions for commonly used terms.

For organisations that agreed to be transparent for 2019, organisation-level results will be published on this website in late June.

The VPSC is developing improved results reports following extensive consultation with stakeholders across the public sector. Participating organisations will receive their new results reports in late June.

New People Matter Survey 2019 Promotional Materials

The VPSC has provided a new Data-Collection Statement that should help allay any participant concerns about their privacy and the anonymity of their survey responses.

This year’s survey resources contain some new promotional materials to help you advertise the survey and drive participation within your organisation:

New posters

Select your preferred option and customise the refreshed 2019 poster with your organisation’s survey dates, Survey Coordinator contact details and organisation logo and display around your organisation (kitchens, bathrooms, elevators, etc.).

Email signature

We suggest encouraging all managers/team leaders, HR team members and other key influencers to add this to their email signature blocks during your organisation’s survey window as a way of reminding your people to participate.

PMS PowerPoint presentation

This slide deck contains an overview of the People Matter Survey Reform Project. We suggest using it as part of a presentation to your staff or posting it to your organisation’s intranet for staff to view.

News item

This short news article lets your people know that your organisation’s survey window is open and encourages them to participate by outlining the main improvements for 2019.

PMS campaign ideas

Get inspired by some successful PMS campaign ideas from organisations across the public sector.

PMS glossary of terms

The PMS glossary includes definitions for commonly used terms in the 2019 survey.

Please contact the PMS Team on (03) 7004 7240 or email if you require assistance accessing or using these documents.

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