Find out what you need to know about taking the People Matter Survey.

Questions about the survey

The People Matter Survey lets you give honest and constructive feedback about where you work.

Your responses help what your leaders will do in your organisation and the Victorian public sector.

The survey is voluntary for individuals.

We design and run the survey with ORIMA Research.

ORIMA Research collects and processes survey responses on our behalf.

You can do the survey if you’re an employee working in a Victorian public sector organisation that has chosen to take part.

This includes employees who are:

  • full time (fixed-term or ongoing)
  • part time (fixed-term or ongoing)
  • casual
  • graduates
  • apprentices
  • cadets
  • on leave

If you joined your organisation in the three months prior to the survey, then you may not get a survey invite.

Speak to your Survey Coordinator if you want to do the survey.

You can’t do the survey if you’re a volunteer, temporary employee or external consultant who’s not on the payroll.

The survey asks questions about your experiences and work practices relating to:

  • your role
  • your workgroup
  • your manager and senior leaders
  • your organisation
  • matters such as performance, development and diversity and inclusion

The survey asks you some personal questions such as your gender, salary and so on.

If you don’t want to answer these questions, you can choose ‘prefer not to say’

We ask these questions to give us an idea of the sector’s diversity and if it reflects the community we serve.

We are then able to see results for different groups such as gender, employment status or disability.

This information helps us understand how we can:

  • see how employee experiences of inclusion differ across the workforce
  • Tailor initiatives and training programs for maximum effect

Privacy questions about the survey

Yes. We have strict privacy rules to make sure your responses to the survey are always anonymous.

Read our People Matter Survey Data-Collection Statement to see:

  • why we conduct the survey
  • what data we collect
  • how we collect, store and use your data
  • how we protect your anonymity

Your organisation does not see your individual survey responses.

The Commission gets raw, de-identified data from ORIMA Research.

De-identified data means that your name, email and IP address are not linked to your responses.

The Commission, ORIMA Research and your organisation don’t collect or track your responses, even if you access the survey with a link emailed to you.

To further protect your anonymity, we only give your organisation reports with combined data.

No one can see your individual responses.

We only send combined results to your:

  • organisation’s head
  • human resources director
  • survey coordinator

Your leadership team decides how to communicate the results within your organisation.

No. To protect your identity, our reports only show summarised results for groups with 10 or more survey responses.

No. We don’t give individual survey responses to your organisation.

Your organisation can only analyse data using one demographic at a time. For example, they can look at responses by age but not at responses by age plus gender.

You can add free-text comments at the end of the survey.

We send these comments in a separate report to the head of your organisation, but don’t break them down by division, branch or unit.

Your free-text comments are not linked to your individual survey responses.

In your free-text comments, don’t include any words that may identify you or others.

Use generic words such as colleague, manager, supervisor or senior manager to help stay anonymous.

We send your free-text comments in a separate report to your organisation’s head. They decide if they want to pass the comments on to others.

We don’t break down your free-text comments by division, branch or unit.

In your free-text comments, don’t include any words that may identify you or others.

Technical questions about the survey

If you have accessibility needs, contact us on 03 7004 7240 or

For any technical questions, call Orima Research on 1800 654 585.

Your organisation will email you a personalised or generic survey link.

You can access the survey through the website of our survey partner ORIMA Research.

Some organisations send a personalised email that greets employees by their first name.

The survey link in a personalised email will not compromise your anonymity.

ORIMA Research send personalised emails using

They keep research records that contain names and email addresses, but these are only used for personalised survey invitations and destroyed when the survey ends.

You can only use the survey link in a personalised email for one survey, so don’t forward it to someone else.

No. You can start and stop the survey at any time during your organisation’s survey dates.

If you get a generic survey link, you’ll need to save the password you see when you first access the survey or select ‘email password’.

No. You can’t recover your password if you lose or forget it, so you’ll need to start a new survey.

Speak to your manager or Human Resources about sending the survey link to you.