Participation in the People Matter Survey is voluntary, but taking part gives you a voice to help build a better public sector.

Privacy and anonymity

The People Matter Survey is your opportunity to provide honest and constructive feedback about your working environment.

We understand that to participate in the survey, you need to feel confident that your responses will remain anonymous. The VPSC is committed to protecting your anonymity, and strict privacy rules safeguard your anonymity at every stage of the survey process.

Please refer to the Data-Collection Statement People Matter Survey to find out in more detail:

  • why we conduct the survey
  • what data we collect
  • how we collect, store and use your data
  • how we protect the anonymity of your survey responses.

Your feedback counts. Your response will help shape important decisions in your organisation and the Victorian public sector, so please – have your say!

Frequently asked questions


Who runs the survey?

The survey is designed by the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) and run by the VPSC and ORIMA Research, an independent research organisation engaged to collect and process survey responses on behalf of the VPSC.

Who can participate the survey?

All employees working in Victorian public sector organisations that have elected to participate are invited to complete the survey. This includes all full-time, part-time and casual employees, as well as graduates, apprentices/cadets, temporary employees, contractors and employees on leave.

If you are a new starter (i.e. you joined your organisation in the last three months), you may not have received an invitation. If you wish to participate, please speak to your Survey Coordinator.

Volunteers and external consultants who are not on the payroll cannot participate in the survey.

How long will the survey take to complete?

You should allow approximately 15–20 minutes to complete the survey.

What sort of questions does the survey ask?

The survey asks questions about your experiences and work practices relating to:

  • Your role
  • Your workgroup
  • Your manager and senior leaders
  • Your organisation
  • Matters such as performance, development and diversity & inclusion.

It also asks some personal and health questions about you (age group, gender, disability status, etc.) and your job (role type, salary, etc.). You have the option of selecting “prefer not to say” when answering sensitive questions. These demographic questions provide an accurate picture of the diversity of the public sector workforce and how that reflects the community we serve.

Looking at the results for different groups (e.g. gender, employment status, disability status) helps organisations and the VPSC understand how employee experiences of inclusion differ across the workforce and how initiatives and training programs can be tailored for maximum effect.

Privacy and anonymity

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes. Responses of individual participants are kept confidential and strict rules are in place to safeguard participants’ privacy at every stage of the survey process. Please refer to our Data-Collection Statement for further information.

Your organisation does not see your individual survey responses. The VPSC receives raw, de-identified data from survey partner ORIMA Research and only gives your organisation reports with aggregated data to further protect your anonymity.

“De-identified data” means that your name, email and computer IP address are not linked to your responses, and nor are they collected or tracked by ORIMA, the VPSC or your organisation, even if you accessed the survey using a link from a personalised email.

Who will be able to see my responses?

The VPSC sends only aggregated (combined) results to your organisation’s head, Human Resources Director and Survey Coordinator. Individual responses are not provided to your organisation. Your senior management team will then decide how the results are communicated to employees.

Can I be easily identified if I belong to a small workgroup?

No. To protect your anonymity, our reports only show summarised results for groups with 10 or more survey responses.

Can I be easily identified from my answers to the demographic questions (i.e. age, gender, salary, occupation type)?

No. The VPSC does not provide individual survey responses to organisations. In addition, organisations can only analyse data using one demographic characteristic at a time (i.e. responses by age but not responses by age + gender, etc.).

Can I be identified if I submit free-text comments?

You can add free-text comments at the end of the survey. These comments are supplied to the head of your organisation via a separate report and not broken down by division, branch or unit. They are not linked to individual survey responses. However, please take care not to include any words in your free-text comments that may identify you or anyone else. Using generic words such as colleague, manager, supervisor or senior manager and so on will help maintain your anonymity.

Will my manager be able to read my free-text comments?

Free-text comments from the survey are sent to your organisation’s head, who then decides whether to pass the comments to anyone else. Your organisation’s head will not be able to determine your division, branch or unit unless you have specifically mentioned this within your free-text comments.


How do I access the survey?

The survey is conducted online through the website of our survey partner ORIMA Research. You will receive a link to the survey via email from your organisation. The email will either be personalised (i.e. addresses you by name) or it will contain a generic organisation link to the survey.

I have received an email with my name on it. Have I been targeted to complete the survey?

Some organisations choose to send a personalised email, greeting employees by their first name, rather than sending out a generic email and survey link. Accessing the survey via a link from a personalised email does not compromise your anonymity.

Personalised emails are sent through survey partner ORIMA Research (from Records containing names and email addresses are only used for personalised survey invitations and are destroyed at the end of the survey period.

Links in personalised emails can only be used once, so please don’t forward your link on to another colleague.

Do I have to complete the survey in one session?

No. You can stop and start the survey at any time during your organisation’s survey dates.

If your organisation uses a generic link to the survey, you’ll need to take note of the password generated for you when you first access the survey or use “email password” feature. This will allow you to continue your survey later if you’re unable to complete it in one session.

Can my password be recovered if I lose/forget it?

No. Your password cannot be recovered, but you can still access the generic link to start a new survey. Please contact the People Matter Survey Hotline on 1800 654 585 if you require further assistance.

I’m going to be on leave during the survey period. Can I still participate?

Yes. The survey can be completed at any time during the survey period. Speak to your manager or HR representative about sending the survey link to your home email address.

If you have specific accessibility requirements, please contact the VPSC on (03) 7004 7112 or

For any further technical questions, please call the People Matter Survey Hotline at ORIMA on 1800 654 585.