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  • Information for Survey Coordinators
  • Information for Participants

Welcome to the People Matter Survey 2018

PMS 2018 consists of a core survey with 6 optional modules: diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, change management, career intentions, learning and development and sexual harassment.

This year, following stakeholder feedback, the core survey and the wellbeing module have been shortened to make it easier for respondents to complete.

In addition to this, the period for which we offer the survey will be increased from 5 to 6 weeks. This means organisations have more flexibility to choose a timeframe within this window when they make the survey available to staff.

Information for Heads of Organisations and Human Resources Directors

We encourage your organisation to undertake the survey in 2018. If you choose to participate, you can select a 2 to 3 week survey period between 16 April and 25 May.

Please let us know whether or not you wish to participate in the survey by completing the following web-based participation form by Monday 26 February:


For further information on how to complete the participation form, please refer to our Guide for Organisation Heads and Human Resource Directors on the resources page.  The guide provides information on the survey, timelines, the reporting of results and how anonymity is protected as well as recommendations on how you can promote the survey within your organisation.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Information for Survey Coordinators

The Survey Coordinator Information Kit provides the information you need to run the survey. See the resources page for all PMS documents.

Use the link below to download material you need for the survey, including:

  • a template for organisation structure/composition questions
  • invitation and reminder email templates
  • timelines
  • promotional materials, including a poster and an anonymity statement that describes how we protect the identity of participants and
  • the questions used within the core survey and modules

Access all of the People Matter Survey 2018 Resource documents

Information for Participants

Participants are reminded that survey responses are entirely anonymous.

The survey is designed and coordinated by VPSC and conducted by ORIMA Research, an independent research organisation engaged by us to collect and process responses.

Participant anonymity is a priority for VPSC. Individual responses are de-identified and kept confidential at all stages.

Find more information about the process and anonymity on the What PMS participants need to know page.