As part of the Getting to Work Disability Employment Action Plan, we wanted to increase our applicants with disability.

To do this, we:

  • created a pathway in our graduate program for people with disability
  • redesigned the user experience to be more inclusive
  • made a targeted marketing strategy

As a result, applicants with disability made up 8% of our first intake for the 2020 graduate program.

Our results

We doubled our intake for the 2020 graduate program, making it the most we’ve had.

The number of applicants with disability went from 85 in 2018 to 300 in 2019.

In 2019’s first intake, 11% of offers went to applicants with disability. We expect even more in the second intake.

We also know there’s more we can do.

What we did to make it fair

We made a level playing field for applicants with disability in the recruitment and selection process.

Across the 4-stage process, we made 80 individual adjustments for applicants.

We did things like:

  • print on coloured paper to support an applicant with vision impairment
  • gave personalised advice, information and support
  • had one of our staff with disability go to career events
  • set up alternative interview rooms to avoid background noise for applicants with autism or who are Deaf or are hearing-impaired
  • create materials with large fonts for vision-impaired applicants

Think about what you can do now

We all have a role to play to make fair and inclusive workplaces for people with disability.

Long before induction, think about workplace adjustments and accessibility.

You don’t want to miss out on applicants for reasons unrelated to their capability or potential.

Some small things you can do to make things fair are:

  • have an application form that meets AA accessibility standards and in alternative formats
  • make adjustments to the selection process

Read the Getting to Work Disability Employment Action Plan to learn how you can help meet our targets and make your workplace fair.

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