There is new guidance for Victorian public sector employees explaining our obligations when engaging with lobbyists and ensuring we comply with both the Lobbyist Code and our Code of Conduct.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission has released a new Guide for Engaging with Lobbyists. The guide explains our obligations under both codes of conduct.

The Victorian Government Professional Lobbyists Code of Conduct (PDF, 96KB) (Lobbyist Code) sets out the rules of engagement between lobbyists who act on behalf of third party clients and public sector employees.

Under the Lobbyist Code:

  • We must not knowingly and intentionally be party to lobbying activities by a lobbyist who is not listed on the public Register of Lobbyists (Register) that the Commission maintains
  • When first contacted by a lobbyist, we should ensure we are informed of which clients the lobbyist is representing, the nature of the clients’ issues, and whether the clients are involved in a government tender process
  • We must not be party to lobbying activities when involved in a government tender process
  • If employed as an executive, we must not engage in lobbying activities for 12 months after we cease employment in the Victorian Public Service on any matters with which we had official dealings in our last 12 months of employment

We also have obligations under our Code of Conduct for Victorian public sector employees (PDF, 259KB) to make well informed decisions, to remain impartial and to not misuse privileged information.

The Victorian public sector plays an important role in ensuring the public’s continued trust in government decision making. A failure by a public sector employee to meet community standards may damage the reputation of their agency, the public sector and the government.

Therefore, it is important that public sector decision making is done transparently and with integrity.

Read the guide for more information and check the Register when you are engaging with lobbyists.