The Register of Review Officers is a list of independent reviewers that Victorian public sector organisations may engage as needed through their normal procurement processes.

The reviewers are experienced in conducting

  • mediations
  • investigations, and
  • reviews of actions

They provide services in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Use of the Register is discretionary and some exclusions apply as shown in the following table.

 Agency  Contact


Australian Workplace Mediations
Brash Consulting
CPM Reviews
DW Bowe & Associates
Grange Advisory
Kavanagh Consulting email: Mediation
Lander & Rogers email:
LKA Group
Lumin Collaborative Mediation
Peacemaker ADR
Risk to Business Mediation
Regional services
Sheila John Pty Ltd email:
WISE Workplace
Wise Workplace Solutions
Workforce Legal Solutions

VPSC welcomes applications from new reviewers using the application form.

Application for registration – Register of review officers (DOCX, 136KB, 3pages) 

The Commission makes no representations and gives no warranty as to the quality of services provided by any reviewer and accepts no liability in respect of any loss suffered by an organisation as a result of services provided by a reviewer. Organisations should exercise judgement and make their own inquiries when engaging any reviewer listed on the Register.