VPSC has updated its Integrity Strategy 2017. Full text description at https://vpsc.vic.gov.au/ethics-behaviours-culture/promoting-integrity/integrity-strategy-2017-infographic/

VPSC has updated its Integrity Strategy 2017. The Integrity Strategy 2017 outlines progress made on integrity initiatives in 2016 and initiatives to be undertaken in 2017.

In 2017, VPSC will:
• establish a methodology and undertake ‘values reviews’ of organisations’ efforts in embedding the Victorian public sector values, and provide the VPSC with a deeper understanding of good practice as well as integrity risks and mitigation challenges;
• deliver the VPSC Integrity Portal for public sector employees and organisations to access integrity information and resources;
• update core policies and frameworks in response to emerging issues;
• undertake research projects to address bullying and harassment in the public sector.

The updated strategy builds on the VPSC’s 2016 integrity work program. In 2016, the VPSC focused its efforts on developing integrity resources and tools to support public sector organisations. This included the release of:
• the Code of Conduct for Directors of Victorian Public Entities 2016
• new conflict of interest resources to encourage greater consistency in how conflict of interest is managed across the Victorian public sector
• gifts, benefits and hospitality policy and resources incorporating stronger reporting and transparency requirements
• updated guidance to assist HR personnel and managers manage poor behaviour in the workplace
• updated Employment Standards (effective from 1 February 2017) and new standards for the Human Rights and Career Public Service employment principles
• data insights based on the 2016 People Matter Survey, including findings on discrimination, bullying and harassment.

The 2017 Integrity Strategy will continue to guide the VPSC’s work to strengthen integrity and promote sustained community and government trust in the Victorian public sector.