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Integrity Strategy initiatives 2017

VPSC Integrity Portal

During 2017, VPSC will develop its online content offerings to provide public sector organisations and employees with comprehensive information and resources to support integrity behaviours and cultures.

The online content will be re-designed and updated to ensure materials are clear, accessible and easy-to-navigate, including:
• the Codes of Conduct, Employment Standards and related guidance;
• resources to address specific integrity risks, such as conflict of interest or gifts, benefits and hospitality;
• scenarios that provide examples of how to apply the values when making decisions, both in common situations and in more unusual or challenging circumstances.

A dedicated Integrity Portal will be developed to provide employees and organisations with a dedicated site for resources and advice on demonstrating integrity in the public sector.


Review the Gifts, benefits and hospitality policy framework

IBAC has recommended VPSC consider the implementation of a ban on public sector employees receiving any gift, benefit or hospitality from a current or prospective supplier. VPSC will review the Gifts, benefits and hospitality policy framework in light of this recommendation.

Projects to reduce bullying

Bullying and harassment undermine confidence in the integrity of our workplaces and are blockers of high performance. VPSC will work with agencies and unions to analyse and research bullying and identify opportunities to reduce bullying rates.

Statutory functions

Reviews of actions

Under the PAA, public service employees may request that VPSC reviews the process of public service bodies’ reviews of employment-related actions. These actions include recruitment decisions, treatment of staff, or perceived bias in decision-making.

Provide advice and monitor compliance

Under the PAA, VPSC monitors and reports to public sector body heads on compliance with the public sector values, the Codes of Conduct and the public sector employment principles and standards. It also provides advice to employees on these issues, and may make recommendations for improvements to public sector employers.

VPSC will also continue to monitor the Department of Education and Training’s integrity reform program and projects to address corruption risks.

Administer and oversee registration of Lobbyists and Government Affairs Directors

VPSC administers the Victorian Government Professional Lobbying Code of Conduct and assesses applications for registration or renewal of Lobbyists and Government Affairs Directors each year.

Values promotion and engagement

Integrity Communications and Engagement Plan

VPSC will develop a strategic approach to communicating and engaging with public sector leaders and employees about integrity matters.

VPSC will focus on clear, accessible and easy-to-navigate information and resources, with regular web-based articles and tailored messaging to highlight VPSC’s integrity resources.