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Sustained community and government trust in the Victorian public sector is our central objective

Organisational systems enable and support integrity

• Organisations have integrity frameworks that are effective, fit for purpose and drive continuous improvement
• Employees use and adhere to organisational systems, policies and processes that support integrity
• Integrity is embedded within the whole employee lifecycle
• Integrity frameworks are based on sector-wide and organisation-specific risks to integrity

Effective leadership

Leaders who:
• exemplify behaviours that engage, motivate and inspire employees
• effectively manage difficult situations and maintain a positive organisational culture
• act with integrity, provide frank and fearless advice, demonstrate courage and fairness
• communicate how the values are relevant to the work functions of their team, including specific risks in their area

Public sector workforce operates with integrity

• Employees are aware of the values and understand how they apply to their work
• Employees have a shared understanding of integrity and its importance, and know and understand their responsibilities regarding integrity
• Employees incorporate the public sector values into decision-making
• Employees seek advice about acting with integrity and accept accountability for their actions