VPSC has updated our Integrity Strategy, outlining progress made on integrity initiatives in 2016 and detailing the program of work to to be undertaken in 2017.

The Strategy also prioritises VPSC role in supporting public sector employers and employees to strengthen integrity and adherence to the public sector values and codes of conduct.

During 2016, VPSC focused on reinforcing the organisational systems that enable and support integrity, including issuing codes, guidance, frameworks and policies.

In 2017, VPSC is focusing on building awareness and understanding of both leaders and employees to demonstrate integrity behaviours at work.

The key initiatives for 2017-18 year are:

  • A new Integrity Portal to provide clear, accessible and easy-to-navigate information about the public sector values and employment principles
  • Values promotion and engagement incorporating a strategic approach to communicating and engagement about integrity matters
  • Specific integrity projects to address problem areas, such as bullying
  • Meeting statutory functions by continuing to fulfil its functions under the Public Administration Act 2004, provide avenues of redress, administer registers, provide advice and seek information from public sector agencies.

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