How to use this page

We recommend a hiring manager:

  • marks down the date they completed each task in this table
  • adds this completed table to the selection report

Like your other documents, it’s a good idea to follow good records keeping advice with any use of this checklist.

Area of your process What you need to update
Planning and designing a role I’ve: 

  • undertaken an assessment of the role to determine the risk level involved in its inherent requirements
  • determined if pre-employment screening validation is recommended, due to it being a high-risk role
  • identified where to use pre-employment screening the hiring process
Position description I’ve: 

  • included a statement about pre-employment screening in my position description
Job advertisement I’ve: 

  • included a statement about pre-employment screening in my job advertisement
Interviews I’ve: 

  • let each candidate know that the preferred candidate will undergo pre-employment screening
  • advised candidates about their rights to informed consent
  • given candidates a link to the pre-employment screening policy on the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s website
Advising preferred candidates I’ve told the preferred candidate: 

  • their offer is conditional on the outcome of the screening process
  • they must complete the misconduct declaration form and consent form
  • you may contact their previous and current employers to validate the information and declarations in the form

I’ve told HR or equivalent role:

  • who my preferred candidate is so they can start the pre-employment screening process
Making an offer I’ve: 

  • received a recommendation from the independent consideration panel on if the candidate is suitable for an offer of employment