We recommend you have a single point of contact for all requests, as this helps maintain candidate privacy.

What to check when you receive a request

When you receive a request, you must be provided with:

  • a completed misconduct declaration form
  • a completed consent form that outlines what the candidate has consented to being shared
  • a written request asking you to validate the candidate’s declarations

What to check before you provide information

Before you provide information about a candidate, you must check what you’re restricted from sharing from:

  • separation agreements in place
  • provisions in the relevant enterprise agreement
  • other industrial agreements
  • records keeping guidelines

Make sure you’re confident:

  • of the identity of the person making the request
  • they’re an independent person or panel, not the hiring panel
  • the identity of the person whose misconduct records you’re checking

Seek legal advice if you need help with what you can and can’t share.

The principle of natural justice applies to anything you share.