These materials support the process to define the work value of an executive position at a particular level, providing a consistent and transparent framework for classifying public service executives.

Work value assessment methodology

The work value of a position is assessed through a process of position analysis. Position analysis is an evidence-based methodology that gathers information about a position in a structured and systematic way. The information is compared to the standards that have been agreed for each of the executive classification levels in the Work Level Standards (WLS) through the use of the work value assessment tool.

The work value assessment tool uses the descriptors from the work value standards. The different sets of descriptors are assigned a score. The assessor examines the information gathered through the assessment process, compares it with the descriptors in the tool, and allocates a score for each factor.

The combined score will sit within a range indicating the appropriate executive classification. Positions may sit anywhere within the range. This reflects the diversity of positions within each classification level, with more diversity expected at the lower levels, reflected by a wider score range for these positions.

Classification Scores
Senior Executive Service Band 1 21 to 35
Senior Executive Service Band 2 36 to 47
Senior Executive Service Band 3 48 to 56