Effective as at 8 November, the administration of executive remuneration has transitioned from the VPSC to the Office of Public Sector Executive Remuneration (OPSER)

As part of a suite of reforms to improve employment and remuneration arrangements across the sector, a new Victorian Government Public Entity Executive Remuneration Policy (Policy) was approved by the Premier earlier this year.

The Policy will be administered by the new Office of Public Sector Executive Remuneration (OPSER), a business unit within DPC. OPSER is headed by Warren McCann, Special Adviser, Public Sector Executive Remuneration.

The Policy and associated process will replace the Government Sector Executive Remuneration Panel (GSERP) Policy, currently administered by the VPSC.

From 8 November, new submissions for the approval of executive remuneration in specified public entities must be made to the OPSER, using the online form on the OPSER website.

Submissions already under consideration will be completed in close collaboration between VPSC and OPSER, and will not need to be resubmitted.

The role of OPSER

OPSER’s role under the Policy is focused on executive remuneration, including bonuses and the application of the executive vehicle cost to package calculator. All future remuneration submissions should be directed to OPSER, and all GSERP submissions received prior to 8 November have been referred to OPSER.

Guidance material and submission forms are now available on the OPSER website at www.vic.gov.au/public-sector-executive-remuneration.html

Please direct questions on the updated arrangements to Nick Voukelatos (Assistant Director, OPSER on 9651 1013 or nick.voukelatos@dpc.vic.gov.au) or email OPSER at: OPSER.contact@dpc.vic.gov.au.

The role of the VPSC

The VPSC remains responsible for advice and guidance around other issues of public sector executive employment, including contracts, relocation, termination, classification, and performance management.

Please direct enquiries regarding these issues to info@vpsc.vic.gov.au.

The VPSC website and associated resources have all now been updated in line with these changes. The VPSC will continue to host useful executive employment resources like the standard contract and the executive vehicle cost to package calculator.

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Scope and authority

The Governor in Council (GIC) Order stipulates the public entities required to comply with the Policy. The list of entities is derived from current GSERP practice and from consultations with departments.

See Section 9. Public entities specified to be subject to this Policy in the attached copy of the order.

Victorian Government Public Entity Executive Remuneration Policy Signed GiC Order (PDF, 2.3MB, 10 pages)