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  • Executives
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VPS Executive Officers are employed under the provisions of Part 3, Division 5 of the Public Administration Act 2004. VPSC provides resources to support executive remuneration and employment.

On 4 August 2016, the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, announced the Premier’s decision to remove performance related incentive payments (bonuses) from the VPS Executive Officer employment and remuneration policies.

The handbook and supplementary materials on this website have been updated to reflect these changes.

Further information on the changes is contained in the Secretary’s message which can be accessed on the DPC website.

VPS Executive Employment Handbook

The Victorian Public Service Executive Handbook provides details about the Government’s executive employment policy.

It assists employers in the management of executive contracts, remuneration and employment matters, and provides executives with information about their employment conditions and entitlements.

Standard Executive Contract

A standard executive contract has been developed for use when employing executives under the Public Administration Act 2004.

The contract contains details on the employment arrangements for executives including remuneration and superannuation, termination and leave.

The standard contract must be used when employing public service executives.

VPS Executive Remuneration Bands

As at 1 July 2018

VPS Bands Minimum Maximum
EO-3 $182,070 $236,068
EO-2 $210,670 $337,194
EO-1 $306,151 $448,119

Resources for Executives

VPSC maintains a suite of employment and remuneration resources for VPS executives, and those people contemplating executive employment, including the handbook and standard contract.

Advice on specific questions around executive remuneration and employment arrangements should be directed to the Department of Premier and Cabinet.