It is a good idea for a board to give itself an annual 'health check'.

The board should schedule an annual review of the public entity’s policies, codes, delegations, authorisations and related documentation. It should ensure the ‘right tone is being set at the top’.

This review involves:

  • scheduling various public entity specific policies to be periodically reviewed for appropriateness by the board, for example:
    • previously adopted policies and codes – for current relevance
    • charters, committee terms of reference (ToR) and other governance documentation
    • delegations and authorisations
  • reviewing the public entity’s internal control environment
  • reviewing the results of available employee, culture or engagement surveys (and other feedback) to gauge progress with the public entity’s cultural change initiatives and amending policies as necessary
  • monitoring organisational health (refer to the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s People Matter Survey, which reports on the application of the public sector values and employment principles in public sector organisations).