This document is part of the Code of Conduct for Employees resource.

Promoting the Victorian public sector values

  • Promote the public sector values.
  • Ensure any statement of values adopted by your organisation is consistent with the public sector values.

Leading by example

  • As leader, demonstrate the values in your day to day activities and interactions.
  • Ensure managers and supervisors model the values and the behaviours required by the Code and support their staff in doing so.


  • Provide all new employees with a copy of the Code.
  • Provide all employees with induction training on the behaviours required under the Code.


  • Ensure appropriate references to the values and Code obligations are embedded in learning and development activities.
  • Provide employees with further training at key ‘events’ – such as when becoming a manager or supervisor, when obtaining a financial delegation or when undertaking particular activities (procurement, recruitment etc).

Policies and Procedures

  • Conduct risk assessment of the organisation’s operating environment, key activities and functions conducted.
  • Issue policies and procedures to support the values and the Code.
  • Ensure review dates are included and adhered to in issued policies.


As a minimum, specific policies and procedures should include those relating to the following sections of the Code:

Developed Implemented Date last reviewed
Dealing with false, incorrect or misleading information provided in the pre-employment stage by employees (Clause 1.3)
Requiring relevant contractors and consultants comply with the Code (Clause 1.4)
Performance management and misconduct by employees (Clause 1.7)
Reporting unethical behaviour (Clause 3.6)
Managing conflicts of interest (clause 3.7)
Gifts, benefits and hospitality (Clause 4.2)