This document is part of the Implementing and evaluating your conflict of interest policy and processes resource.

The following checklist sets out tasks to be completed when implementation your organisation’s conflict of interest policy. It is recommended that any outstanding items be addressed as soon as possible.

Communication strategy

  • Develop and implement a communication strategy to ensure that your organisation’s internal and external audiences are aware of the conflict of interest policy and have a capacity to comply with the provisions of the policy.
  • Regularly test and review the strategy to ensure that communication initiatives are appropriate for selected audiences and revise accordingly.

Declaration of private interests

  • Ensure that position descriptions identify whether the appointee is required to complete a declaration of private interests.
  • Public officials who are required by the policy to submit a declaration of private interests should do so when the policy is introduced. If they have already done so in response to legislative obligations, check that their declaration complies with the policy’s requirements.
  • Ask new public officials who are required to complete a declaration of private interests to do so during the induction process.
  • Make sure that all public officials are aware of the legislative and policy requirements to update their declaration of private interests.

Performance management

  • Include compliance with the conflict of interest policy and implementation of the policy within performance agreements for staff and management. This action will help to promote the policy, its practical application and assist in reviewing its effectiveness.
  • Incorporate update of declaration of private interests into annual performance review.

Recruitment and procurement

  • Ensure that members of selection panels are aware of their obligation to formally disclose all conflicts of interest – not only to the panel but to the relevant responsible officer or manager in the organisation.
  • Require panel members to certify that they have no conflict in relation to any applicant.