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Circular Number 2019-08
Issue date: 4 July 2019
Application: Public Entity Executives
Resources Victorian Public Entity Executive Employment Handbook
Enquiries:  Integrity and Advisory
Victorian Public Sector Commission

Key points

  • The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) has released the Victorian Public Entity Executive Employment Handbook (Handbook) on the VPSC website.
  • The Handbook is the first dedicated public entity executive employment handbook. The Handbook covers a wide range of topics related to executive employment in public entities and is intended to:
    • promote executive employment arrangements that are clear, consistent, effective, and transparent to ensure appropriate use of public funds and the minimisation of integrity risks
    • assist public entities to manage employment contracts, remuneration and employment matters relating to executives
    • inform executives, or those contemplating executive employment, about working conditions and responsibilities in the public sector.
  • Human resources units and executives employed in public entities should ensure they are familiar with the content of the Handbook.
  • The Handbook has been largely modelled on the existing Victorian Public Service Executive Employment Handbook.


In October 2018 the VPSC accepted a recommendation made to it by the Victorian Ombudsman to develop an executive employment handbook for public sector entity executives, drawing on the approach adopted in the existing Victorian Public Service Executive Employment Handbook.

Following development of the Handbook and appropriate consultation, the Victorian Secretaries Board has approved the release of the Handbook.


This Circular applies to public entities as defined under section 5 of the Public Administration Act 2004.

Date of application

Effective 4 July 2019.