This document is part of the Code of Conduct for Employees resource.

(Public Administration Act 2004, s. 7)

Responsiveness public officials should demonstrate responsiveness by:

(i)      providing frank, impartial and timely advice to the

Government; and

(ii)      providing high quality services to the Victorian community; and

(iii)    identifying  and promoting best practice.

Integrity – public officials should demonstrate integrity by: (i) being honest, open and transparent in their

dealings; and

(ii)      using powers responsibly; and

(iii)     reporting improper conduct; and

(iv)    avoiding  any real or apparent conflicts of interest; and

(v)     striving  to earn and sustain public trust of a high level.

Impartiality – public officials should demonstrate impartiality by:

(i)      making decisions and providing advice on merit and without bias, caprice, favouritism or self-interest; and

(ii)      acting fairly by objectively considering all relevant facts and fair criteria; and

(iii)    implementing  Government  policies and programs equitably.

Accountability public officials should demonstrate accountability by:

(i)       working to clear objectives in a transparent manner; and

(ii)      accepting responsibility for their decisions and actions; and

(iii)     seeking  to achieve best use of resources; and

(iv)    submitting themselves to appropriate scrutiny.

Respect – public officials should demonstrate respect

for colleagues, other public officials and members of the

Victorian community by:

(i)       treating them fairly and objectively; and

(ii)     ensuring  freedom from discrimination, harassment and bullying; and

(iii)     using their views to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis.

Leadership public officials should demonstrate leadership by actively implementing, promoting and supporting these values.

Human Rights – public officials should respect and promote the human rights set out in the Charter of Human Rights

and Responsibilities by:

(i)       making decisions and providing advice consistent with human rights; and

(ii)     actively implementing,  promoting and supporting human rights.