During 2016, VPSC issued new and updated frameworks, guidance and resources to support public sector integrity.

These include:

Guide cover with description

New conflict of interest resources – VPSC released a new model conflict of interests policy and supporting resources, to encourage greater consistency in how conflict of interest is managed across the Victorian public sector. [Click on the image to access the topic page]

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Updated gifts, benefits and hospitality resources – VPSC issued a revised framework and supporting resources, including strengthened minimum accountabilities for all Victorian public sector organisations. The updated requirements adopt a principles-based approach, reflecting the wide variety of public sector roles, and incorporate stronger reporting and transparency requirements to provide greater accountability to the public of gifts, benefits and hospitality received and refused. [Click on the image to access the topic page]

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Revised guidance on addressing breaches of the Code of Conduct – VPSC updated its guide, Managing poor behaviour in the workplace, to reflect current legislation and regulations. The updated guide places greater emphasis on high standards of behaviour, addressing unsatisfactory performance and using non-disciplinary approaches. [Click on the image to access the resource]



These three initiatives fulfil VPSC’s commitments made by VSB to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) in March 2016, in response to the findings and recommendations arising from IBAC investigations.

VPSC also:

  • released updated Employment Standards, including the development of new standards for applying the employment principles to ‘foster a career public service’ and for ‘upholding the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities’. The employment standards set out the expectations to which all public sector employers are held. The mandatory employment standards are effective from 1 February 2017.
  • published a series of data insights based on the 2016 People Matter Survey, including findings on discrimination, bullying and harassment.
  • mined VPSC’s integrity-related information from reviews of actions; enquiries and requests for information; and organisation reviews, to identify key trends and emerging issues. This information has been used to inform future initiatives in the Integrity Strategy.
  • responded to over 180 queries and concerns relating to the professionalism and integrity of the public sector (compared to 116 in 2015). In addition, VPSC received 21 applications for a review of actions from public service employees (compared to 22 in 2015) and requested information from 12 public sector bodies in response to concerns raised by individuals (compared to six in 2015).
  • continued to administer and oversee the registration of Lobbyists and Government Affairs Directors, and their compliance with the Victorian Government Professional Lobbyist Code of Conduct.