During 2017, VPSC’s focus will shift from systems and compliance-based projects towards building the awareness and understanding of public sector officials to demonstrate integrity at work. This will include a greater emphasis on communicating and engaging with key stakeholders, including public sector agency heads, to support public sector employees to make decisions that reflect and uphold the public sector values and employment principles.

VPSC will focus on four key areas:

  • Integrity Portal – developing VPSC’s web-based integrity resources and introducing an Integrity Portal, to provide clear, accessible and easy-to-navigate information about the public sector values and employment principles;
  • values promotion and engagement – adopting a more strategic approach to communicating and engagement about integrity matters;
  • specific integrity projects – VPSC will deliver projects to improve work practices and build strong integrity cultures in areas such as bullying; improving the management of misconduct and grievances; and responding to offers of gifts from suppliers;
  • meeting statutory functions – VPSC will continue to undertake reviews of action, administer and oversee registration of Lobbyists and Government Affairs Directors, respond to enquiries and requests for information under s.41(2) of the PAA, monitor public sector compliance with the values and principles, and provide advice.

VPSC will also incorporate an integrity focus into other functions and programs to deliver on its statutory mandate to strengthen capability and integrity within the public sector, including the establishment and roll out of the Victorian Leadership Academy and VPSC’s work to build high performing workforces.

The table show that initiatives, a one line descriptor and a proposed time frame for the work. See full text version at https://vpsc.vic.gov.au/ethics-behaviours-culture/promoting-integrity/integrity-strategy-initiatives-2017/

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