Integrity is often most evident in its absence, and can be eroded quickly by a lack of leadership, by poor organisational culture, or by being considered optional rather than a core responsibility.  Measuring the extent to which integrity is embedded across the breadth and diversity of the public sector is a shared responsibility, which VPSC will undertake in partnership with public sector agencies.

VPSC will evaluate the Integrity Strategy in 2018 to assess its impact and effectiveness in building sustained community and government trust in the Victorian public sector.  This is expected to be demonstrated by better awareness of, and higher responsiveness to, integrity as a core professional responsibility and integral value-based system, beyond a series of policies and processes.

To provide an overarching measure of the impact of the Integrity Strategy and its key components, VPSC will monitor and review:

  • results of relevant People Matter Survey data; and
  • usage of the website, including increase in number of visits to integrity pages and number of downloads of resources.

Evaluation plans will also be developed for key Integrity Strategy initiatives, such as the Integrity Portal and the Integrity Communications Plan. These evaluations will form part of the broader evaluation of the Integrity Strategy.