This document is part of the People matter survey 2021 resources resource.

Title: 2021 People matter survey: Have Your Say

<NAME of CEO/HEAD OF ORGANISATION/DIVISION> welcomes your participation in the People matter survey for 2021.

People matter survey

People matter survey is an annual employee opinion survey run independently of <NAME of your organisation> by the Victorian Public Sector Commission.

The year’s survey asks for your experience about different aspects of your workplace, including equal employment opportunity, job satisfaction, career development, wellbeing, and diversity and inclusion.

It’s relevant to all employees whether you’re working remotely, on the front line or have returned to the workplace.

The 2021 People matter survey also includes new questions, developed in consultation with the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector to support Gender Equality Act reporting and action planning requirements.

We use the People matter survey to find out where we’re doing well and where we need to focus on improvement. Your views help us to develop a high performing and engaged workforce.

Why take part?

Participation is voluntary, however we encourage you to take part because having your say matters.

<This year/last year> we commenced action/took action in direct response to what you told us in the last People matter survey in <2019/2020>.

We started <Name of program/initiative> to increase/improve <XYZ> and developed <Name of program/initiative> to increase/improve <ABC>.

Every day these programs are making a difference in our culture at <your organisation> through <123>.

Your privacy and anonymity are protected

The survey is completely anonymous, and <we/your organisation> <do/does> not see your completed survey responses.

Victorian Public Sector Commission runs the survey independently of <us/your organisation> and uses strict rules to protect your privacy and anonymity at every stage of the survey.

You have the option to respond to demographic questions, such as age or gender, with ‘prefer not to say’.

To protect you, they:

  • de-identify all survey response data provided to us/<your organisation>
  • don’t collect information such as date of birth or employee ID
  • don’t release team-level employee opinion results for groups or teams with fewer than 10 responses
  • don’t release employee opinion results for demographic groups, such as age, gender and so on, if <your organisation> has fewer than 10 responses in any group
  • don’t release employee opinion results for demographic groups such as age, gender and so on, if your whole of <your organisation> has fewer than 30 responses to the survey in total
  • don’t link free-text comment reporting to any other survey information.

All information is handled in line with Victorian and Commonwealth law.

Read the People Matter Survey data collection statement to find out more.

Survey dates

People matter survey will run from <DAY MONTH> to <DAY MONTH>.

The survey takes 25 minutes to complete.

Further information

For more questions about the survey contact your Survey Coordinator <NAME>,

Or go to the <Victorian Public Sector Commission website>