This document is part of the People matter survey 2021 resources resource.

Speaking notes:  3 to 5 minutes

For: Senior Leaders, Executives and Managers

To: All staff

Themes Suggested messages
Survey timing

The 2021 People matter survey is open from Monday 31 May to Friday 25 June (4 weeks).

You’ll receive a survey link inviting you to take part.

About the survey

The People matter survey is your independent employee opinion survey run by the Victorian Public Sector Commission.

It’s a safe and anonymous way for you to tell us what you think about your workplace experience.

What’s new for 2021

This year’s survey offers you an enhanced user experience, on a new survey platform from Qualtrics.

You’ll be able to access the survey from a desktop or mobile device.

You’ll also see new questions developed in consultation with the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector to support Gender Equality reporting and action planning.

The survey will take 25 minutes to complete.

What you will be asked

This year’s survey’s been developed so that it’s relevant to all employees regardless of whether you are working remotely, on the front line, or have returned to the workplace.

You’ll be asked questions about your workplace experience including:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Career development
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Flexible working
  • Equal opportunity employment
  • Manager support
  • Work-related stress
Why this year’s survey is important, and you should take part

I encourage you to have your say to provide feedback on your workplace experience.

Your opinion and unique perspective on our workplace culture matters to us all.

We’ll use the information you tell us to find out what we’re doing well, and where we need to focus on improvement to support your wellbeing.

Each year, this survey helps our organisation better understand employee engagement, satisfaction, and your workplace experience so we can enable the best possible work environment for you.

And the results help public sector organisations like ours to track workforce trends year-on-year.



How we’ve listened to and acted on your feedback from previous surveys



<This year/last year> we took action in direct response to what you told us in the last People matter survey in <2019/2020>.

We started <Name of program/initiative> to improve <XYZ> and developed <Name of program/initiative> to increase <ABC>.

Every day these programs are making a difference in our culture at <your organisation> through <123>.

We’d like your feedback on how those changes have benefited your workplace and how we can make further improvements to our workplace culture.


How the People Matter Survey contributes to a safe and inclusive workplace


In the survey you will be asked a range of demographic questions about yourself, such as your age, gender and cultural background. These questions are designed to gather information about our workforce to help us foster diversity and inclusion across the Victorian public sector.

Different groups such as, Multicultural Victoria, the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s Aboriginal Employment Unit, Enablers Networks and the Pride Network use the results from the People matter survey.

Your information helps these groups, and others like them, to understand what an inclusive workplace looks like to you and to continue to advocate on your behalf for a fair and equitable workplace experience, for a range of people across the Victorian public sector.

To put it in perspective: Our workforce includes 323, 220 people, employed by the Victorian Government departments and agencies. That’s around 9% of the total Victorian labour force.

We want people of all abilities, backgrounds, genders and cultures to feel safe and empowered working in the public sector. Each of us has different ideas, perspectives and skills to share. The more we share, the more we understand each other. When our workforce is reflective of the Victorian community, government services work better for everybody.

How do I know my privacy and anonymity is protected?

For those of you with questions about privacy and anonymity:

The Victorian Public Sector Commission uses strict rules to protect your privacy and anonymity at every stage of the survey.

You have the option to respond to demographic questions, such as age or gender, with ‘prefer not to say’.

To protect you, they:

  • de-identify all survey response data provided to your organisation
  • don’t collect date of birth or employee ID
  • delete all email addresses, that are used by employees to stop and continue the survey, at the end of the survey period
  • don’t release team-level employee opinion results for groups or teams with fewer than 10 responses
  • don’t release employee opinion results for demographic groups, such as age, gender and so on, if your organisation has fewer than 10 responses in any group
  • don’t release employee opinion results for demographic groups such as age, gender and so on, if your whole organisation has fewer than 30 responses to the survey in total
  • don’t link free-text comment reporting to any other survey information.

All information is handled in line with Victorian and Commonwealth law.

If you’re interested to know more about privacy, there is a link to the Commission’s data collection statement included in your survey invitation or visit the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s website.

When will survey results will be available




Results from the survey will be provided to our organisation in late July.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission plans to publish organisation-level results on their website in late 2021.

Data, facts and visuals from the 2020 survey results are now available from the website.

Where can I get more information If you have questions about the 2021 People matter survey, or need any support, please contact your survey coordinator <Name> or visit the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s website.