The Victorian Government in the 2020-21 State Budget has invested in the career mobility and skill development of the Victorian Public Service (VPS) through the Jobs and Skills Exchange (JSE) with a $8.97 million contribution over two years.

The successful Jobs and Skills Exchange initiative, which will transfer its employees and operations to the Commission on 1 December 2020 in a Machinery of Government change, will be further developing its services to ensure a sustainable, agile and capable workforce for the future.

Victorian Public Sector Commissioner Adam Fennessy PSM, today said the JSE has made a vital contribution to the Victorian Public Service.

“Since its establishment in July 2019, the Jobs and Skills Exchange has played an important role in ensuring the VPS workforce is ready to deliver when Victorian’s need it most.”

“It has done this through the design and implementation of new approaches to workforce mobility.”

“Importantly, the Jobs and Skills Exchange offers our employees career opportunity, skill development and supports flexible working and diversity in our workplaces,” he said.

The JSE was established following the 2019-20 State Budget and has enjoyed a successful incubation period within Department of Premier and Cabinet. Almost 32,600 VPS employees have registered for the JSE.

On the Machinery of Government change, Mr Fennessy said:

“I am committed to the continued success of the JSE and energised by the possibilities for its next phase of growth.”

“The Commission and the JSE have a strong strategic alignment. We work closely on career and capability initiatives, and by working together in a more integrated and coordinated way we can offer greater benefit to the VPS.”

The JSE will transfer as a complete business unit and will operate uninterrupted during the transition.

This 2020-21 State Budget investment over two years will:

  • increase the mobility and development opportunities for the Victorian public service
  • establish staffing pools to fill temporary vacancies, encouraging the lateral movement of employees and promote knowledge sharing across the VPS
  • support flexible working arrangements, ensuring our workforce remains diverse, inclusive and we retain strong talent
  • continue to support the rapid filling of surge roles in times of need
  • align capability frameworks and future workforce planning with learning and development offerings and career pathways
  • reduce the need for labour hire usage and consultancy expenditure
  • enhance the user experience of the online platform and its connectedness to human capital management systems.

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