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If you have any questions about the Jobs and Skills Exchange, contact them at or login to read the frequently asked questions.

Jobs and Skills exchange now live

The Jobs and Skills Exchange is a Victorian Public Service initiative providing employees with a single place to access career development opportunities.

We know from the People Matter Survey that movement of employees between public service organisations is relatively low and some employees are more likely to leave the public service to build their careers.

The Jobs and Skills Exchange makes it easier for staff to find internal opportunities and hiring managers to find good talent within the Victorian Public Service.

Over the next year new initiatives and features will be delivered by the Jobs and Skills Exchange as the team works with stakeholders to evolve the platform, integrate skills and mobility approaches and re-design business practices.

If you’re from outside the Victorian Public Service, go to our careers site, which remains the home of Victorian public sector jobs and career opportunities.

The Jobs and Skills Exchange is delivered by the Victorian Public Service and is supported by the Victorian Public Sector Commission and the Community and Public Sector Union.

If you’re a Victorian Public Service employee and have questions about the opportunities on the platform, find out more at the Jobs and Skills Exchange.

The platform was foreshadowed last week in a joint statement from Special Minister of State, Gavin Jennings and Karen Batt, Victorian Branch Secretary Community and Public Sector Union, published here in full:

Today marks the launch of the Victorian Public Service (VPS) Jobs and Skills Exchange (JSE), which will bring an expansion of employment and skills development opportunities to the VPS.  Delivered by the VPS and supported by the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), the JSE will be a first for the VPS.  Through it, VPS employees will enjoy unprecedented visibility of, and priority access to, all job opportunities across the VPS before they are advertised externally.

The JSE will feature an online platform exclusively for VPS staff, HR directors and hiring managers. Over time, the platform will support skills development and other initiatives to upskill and mobilise VPS staff.

By mid-July 2019, the platform will go live and only be accessible by VPS staff. Employees will be able to browse all existing job opportunities within the VPS and narrow their search by work type, location, organisation or salary range. Other opportunities, including secondments, will be added to the platform over time.  From late 2019, further initiatives of the JSE will come online through a phased approach over the next year. This includes opportunities for staff to update and refresh their skills, so their skills are transferrable to new roles and opportunities.
The establishment of the JSE will support the changing priorities of the Victorian Government as it delivers significant new projects and services to Victorians.

It supports a more modern, flexible, high-performing and agile public service and will enhance career development opportunities for all VPS staff. This will include the engagement of existing staff, while reducing the use of labour hire and contractors.  The JSE supports a coordinated whole of Victorian Government approach to strengthen common workplace policies and practices across the public service and build on a number of initiatives recently developed which support common workforce policies and approaches.

A dedicated Jobs and Skills Exchange business unit has been established within the Department of Premier and Cabinet, led by Deputy Secretary Elizabeth Langdon. It will be advised by a committee, including representatives of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the Department of Treasury and Finance, the Victorian Public Sector Commission, Industrial Relations Victoria and the CPSU.

Regular updates will be provided to VPS staff over the coming months.

Gavin Jennings, Special Minister of State

Karen Batt, Victorian Branch Secretary Community and Public Sector Union