The Leadership Capability Framework defines the qualities the Victorian Secretaries Board (VSB) see as contributing to strong leadership.

It informs VLA development for Executive Officers across the Victorian public sector.

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Leadership Capability Framework

Our framework names the 4 key skill sets for identification and and development:

  • Stewardship
    • Strategically position the public sector to forecast, define, shape and adapt to the future to meet the needs of Victorians.
  • People
    • Collaborate at all levels.
    • Foster talent and build capability.
    • Champion diversity and equality.
  • Performance
    • Drive organisational and system performance.
    • Deliver better outcomes for Victorians and adopt a continuous improvement approach.
  • Leader mindsets
    • Exemplify behaviours that engage, motivate and inspire employees.
    • Effectively manage difficult situations and maintain a positive oganisational culture.