On this page, you will find

  • Victorian Public Sector Leadership Capability Framework
  • Assessment model
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Beyond traditional development programs

VLA's approach is characterised by four key actions

Alignment with the Victorian Public Sector Leadership Capability Framework

All Victorian public service executives are undergoing expert, independent assessment aligned with the Victorian Public Sector Leadership Capability Framework.

The Leadership Capability Framework defines the qualities VSB see as contributing to strong leadership. It informs assessment, talent management, and development for Executive Officers across the Victorian public sector.


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Use of a comprehensive, independent assessment model

The VLA experience includes:

  • a one day development centre comprising behavioural exercises, ability testing, psychometric assessment, consideration of critical experiences and job complexity, and a self-reflection
  • 360° surveys and collection of demographics
  • an individualised two hour feedback and planning session, including the creation of a tailored development plan.

The tailored development plans are intended to lift leadership capability across the sector and provide individuals with actions to take forward and implement in their workplace.

VLA Assessment Model

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Data collection to inform evidence-based decision making

VLA collects a broad range of data to inform evidence-based decisions on leadership, talent management and succession planning.

The data also informs the independent evaluation of VLA’s effectiveness, efficiency and impact, and guides the continuous improvement cycle within the VLA.


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Tailored opportunities beyond traditional development programs

VLA data and analytics inform the individual development plans for Executive Officers and the leadership development opportunities provided by agencies. This will result in improved leadership capability across the sector as the development plans are implemented.

VSB uses the data and analytics to understand the leadership strengths and needs as a whole, and to inform selection of small numbers of Executive Officers who’ll participate in development opportunities that are centrally coordinated by VLA. These opportunities are tailored to the strategic needs of the sector, as well as the individuals, with experiential learning as the central, defining design principle.



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 Download the VLA Methodology diagrams (PDF, 1.2MB, 5 pages)