A new online resource has been developed to help public sector people managers support employee wellbeing.   

The Wellbeing toolkit is for all public sector people managers to access practical information to proactively support their team’s wellbeing.    

Positive wellbeing among our employees is critical in delivering the outcomes of Government services to all Victorians.     

It’s the role of all people managers to build an environment for employees where they feel well and can perform at their best.   

New pressures on our professional and personal lives brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic threaten employee wellbeing.   

As the coronavirus continues to challenge our workforce, we must work collaboratively to support our employees to operate sustainably.   

The Wellbeing toolkit provides people managers with tips, tools and activities managers can use with little to no forward planning.    

All the activities are designed to run effectively in both remote and face-to-face workplace settings, so the toolkit will support the sector well after the pandemic is over.  

This resource is the product of a cross-department working group led by the Commission and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.  

The group created the toolkit using best practice models and information gathered in interviews with more than 30 people managers across the sector. It has been independently reviewed by a trusted workplace psychologist.   

Explore the toolkit now