To celebrate International Day of People with Disability, we’ve added 5 new tools and activities to the Wellbeing toolkit to help ensure accessibility and inclusivity in our public sector workplaces.  

TheWellbeing toolkitis for all public sector people managers to access practical information to proactively support their team’s wellbeing. 

The new tools and activities are:  

Why inclusive language matters as a manager

Learn about the importance of inclusive language and how to use it with your team. This tool will show you the steps you can take to ensure that every member of your team feels comfortable and safe. 

Quick and easy ways to make work more accessible for your team

Making some simple adjustments to the way you work can make a big difference to your team. Accessibility isn’t always about physical aids, sometimes it’s as simple as changing the way you run a meeting or turning your video on when chatting online.  

Accessibility scavenger hunt

This activity will not only help your team recognise the importance of accessibility measures but will also encourage discussion of adjustments that can improve the workplace for people with disability.  

Audio description empathy exercise

Your team will learn about audio descriptions and what’s involved in writing them. Through writing their own they will better understand the important role audio description plays in the lives of people with visual impairment. 

Privilege payday

An activity for large teams that encourages discussion around privilege and ableism. Teams get a short list of ‘privileges’ and a price for each one. They must decide which ones they can afford to buy and which are most important to them. But it’s the final reveal that makes this activity memorable!