The Commission has issued guidance to support new public entity board directors to maintain integrity in their role.

The integrity guidance for new board directors seeks to support public entity board directors to understand their key integrity obligations and reduce the integrity risks raised in these positions.

It does this by providing additional guidance on how Victorian public entity board directors can comply with the Code of Conduct for Directors of Victorian Public Entities and other related policies and procedures.

Public entities and departments can draw on these resources in developing and delivering localised inductions that ensure new board directors are aware of their key integrity obligations.

Ensuring these obligations are met is essential to maintaining integrity in the public sector and public trust in government.

The resource comes with an induction checklist to provide public entities with an overview of the key documents to include in an incoming board director’s induction kit.

The guidance was created following a recommendation by the Victorian Ombudsman. It was developed through engagement with public sector board directors, as well as consultation with departments and senior current and former public servants with significant governance expertise. Additional components will be added over time.

Read the integrity guidance for new board directors