The federal election will be held on 18 May 2019. It is timely to remind ourselves of the importance of remaining apolitical. While this principle is important at any time of year, it is particularly important during election periods.
It is important for employees who are members of a political party – or otherwise engaged in political activities – to avoid any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest with their public sector employment. During an election period, this means not engaging in political activities during work time or using workplace facilities, resources or information for political activities.
If you are considering standing for election, remember that you must resign from the Victorian public sector for your candidacy to be valid. Talk to your manager or Human Resources about your reasons for resigning and consider applying for re-employment within two months of the poll if you are not elected.
Visit the Victorian Public Sector Commission website for information about your obligations under the Code of Conduct or for detailed guidance during election periods.