Evaluating the Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) performance is more than an exercise in contractual compliance. It is a significant activity undertaken by the Board to fulfill its responsibilities. It helps maintain confidence in the public sector and ensures an organisation’s ongoing capacity to deliver value to the community.

Assessing a CEO’s Performance is designed to help Victorian public sector boards, chairs and directors assess their CEO’s performance. It has been prepared for Board directors, especially chairs, who already have some skills and experience in evaluating performance and providing constructive feedback. It contains advice about:

  • key performance indicators for the CEO
  • giving performance feedback to the CEO
  • the CEO’s performance plan
  • collecting and assessing evidence about the CEO’s performance
  • acting on the assessment
  • succession risk management.
This resource contains:

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Assessing a CEO's Performance

A guide for Victorian public sector board chairs and directors to help them assess a CEO’s performance.

Please note: Due to the use of images, graphics and tables, this document is being provided in its original PDF format, as published by the former State Services Authority in 2011. If you have difficulties downloading, or require an accessible version, please contact VPSC.

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