The Disability Employment toolkit includes access and inclusion information and online resources for everyone:

  • Public Sector Leaders
  • Human Resources and Hiring Managers
  • Managers
  • Employees with disability
  • Job seekers with disability.

Although the information here is presented to different audiences, you’re sure to find all kinds of useful advice, tips and guidelines.

Toolkit development

The toolkit was developed in collaboration with the Victorian Public Service workshops. Surveys and feedback identified the tools and resources needed to create inclusive and respectful workplaces for people with disability.

We now have sector-wide tools and resources to enable the attraction, recruitment, retention and development of people with disability in our workforce.

The toolkit will support:

  • The creation of safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces that are free from discrimination
  • The implementation of inclusive attraction, recruitment, retention and progression strategies
  • Support for prospective and existing employees and their managers.


This resource suite contains:

Available formats

10 things employers can do now

Every opportunity sets out short-term and long-term actions to improve inclusion and participation for people with disability across the Victorian economy. This sets out actions employers can take today to build more inclusive workplaces.

Information for Public Sector Leaders

Public Sector Leaders have a responsibility to create inclusive and respectful workplaces free from discrimination, and support prospective and existing employees and their managers.

Information for Human Resources and Hiring Managers

Human Resource departments and Hiring Managers are well-positioned to make the public sector an employer of choice for people with disability.

Information for managers

With a collective commitment and consistent approach, Managers can increase the engagement and job satisfaction of people with disability and support career development opportunities and cultivate our future leaders.

Information for employees

Employees with disability are valued members of our workforce. Here we provide you with information and supports to assist you and your colleagues work together to create inclusive workplaces.

Information for job seekers

The Victorian public sector offers diverse and inclusive workplaces for people with disability.