On this page, you’ll find a range of advice and information to support board directors including:

  • Integrity advice for new board directors
  • Board induction checklist for organisations
  • Welcome to the Board induction pack
  • Code of Conduct for Board Directors
This resource suite contains:

Available formats

Integrity guide for new board directors

This guide helps board directors on a public entity board understand their integrity obligations to reflect the high standards the community expects.

Board directors induction checklist for organisations

Organisations can use this checklist to make sure their new board directors have what they need in their induction.

Welcome to the Board: Director's Guide to Public Entity Governance

An induction pack for new board directors in the public sector.

This guide is also available as:

Code of Conduct for Directors of Victorian Public Entities

This code is based on the Victorian public sector values and sets the standard of behaviour expected of board directors.

It was last updated in 2016.

This code is also available as: