VPSC has prepared this guide to assist human resource practitioners and managers to develop relevant policies and procedures for addressing behavioural issues with their employees in the workplace.

This can include both unsatisfactory performance and misconduct.

The guide aims to:

  • encourage organisations to achieve the best levels of people management practice by addressing behavioural concerns effectively and constructively;
  • provide practical assistance as to how disciplinary procedures, if required, should be handled; and
  • help reduce the incidence of employee grievances relating to behavioural matters.

VPSC recommends that you also refer to the Employment Standards and the separate guidelines in relation to the ‘fair and reasonable treatment’ employment principle issued by the Commissioner.

When managing both unsatisfactory performance and misconduct you should also refer to relevant industrial instruments.

Managing Poor Behavour is just one of the guidance resources VPSC provides for managing staff in the public sector.

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This resource contains:

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Managing Poor Behaviour in the Workplace

Original guide released 2008.  Updated in 2010. Revised and reissued December 2016. Minor typographical error in 5.2.4 corrected in August 2017

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