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2020 People Matter Survey Wellbeing Check

Following the delay of the People Matter Survey in March due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we changed this year’s survey into a shorter version focused on staff wellbeing.

All public sector organisations were offered a chance to take part.

This year’s survey took place from 12 to 30 October.

We aim to resume the full People Matter Survey in 2021.

About the survey

The People Matter Survey is the Victorian public sector’s annual employee opinion survey for Victorian public sector organisations.

The survey is run by the Victorian Public Sector Commission to support the public sector.

In 2020, the survey captured the views and experiences of almost 46,000 people from 191 organisations.

The survey helps organisations build positive workplace cultures.

This year’s survey was a shorter survey focusing on employee wellbeing.

The survey results tell us how employees see their workplaces, including views on wellbeing and change as we adapt through the pandemic.

Organisations use the results to work out how to improve the working environment for their employees.

Results for the 2020 survey will be available to participating organisations by early December.

2020 People Matter Survey Wellbeing Check

Impact from coronavirus (COVID-19)

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we:

  • cut the length of the original survey in half
  • changed the focus of the survey to staff wellbeing
  • wrote survey questions to apply to staff whether they’re working remotely, on the front line or in the office

Organisation level participation

For 2020, all organisations that took part in this year’s optional survey can:

  • track progress on key focus areas of health and wellbeing
  • assess the progress of their own workforce strategies around coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • build the evidence they need to continually improve

Improved reports

We are improving survey result reports to make them easier for you to understand and act on.

People Matter Survey Practitioner Network

The People Matter Survey Practitioner Network helps people connect and share best-practices and knowledge about the survey.

The network helps members plan action and drive change based on survey results.

The network is open to people with:

  • direct responsibility for managing the survey in their organisation
  • an interest in organisational development and performance using the survey results.

The network meets about every 2 months.

To find out more or join, visit the Innovation Network.

Promotional materials

We made new materials for 2020.

These included:

  • a guide to promoting your survey
  • email signatures
  • glossary of terms
  • news items
  • posters
  • PowerPoint presentation

You can find them in our resource library below.

Where to get help

Get in touch on


This resource suite contains:

Available formats

Survey Timeline

Download DOCX 0.05MB 1 page

2020 People Matter Survey Wellbeing Check questions

The full list of 2020 People Matter Survey Wellbeing Check questions, including a comparison between the People Matter Survey questions from 2019 and 2020.

Template – Organisation composition and custom questions

Use this template to prepare your organisation composition and custom questions.

Information kit - 2020 People Matter Survey Wellbeing Check

An information kit for survey coordinators and others to run the survey in 2020.

Templates - Invitation and reminder emails - 2020 People Matter Survey Wellbeing Check

Use these to draft your invitation and reminder emails to staff about the survey.

View Online Download DOCX 0.12MB 7 pages

Data-Collection statement

This tells people:

  • why we conduct the survey
  • what data we collect
  • how we collect, store and use their data
  • how we protect their anonymity

Glossary of terms

A list of commonly used terms in the survey.

Download DOCX 0.03MB 1 page

How to promote your survey guide

Your week-by-week guide to survey promotion.

Download PDF 0.17MB 9 pages

FAQs – People Matter Survey Wellbeing Check

Answers to frequently asked questions about the survey.

Download PDF 0.12MB 3 pages

Key messages – People Matter Survey Wellbeing Check

Use these messages to promote your survey.

Download PDF 0.09MB 2 pages

PowerPoint presentation

All staff presentation about the survey.

Download PPTX 0.77MB 9 pages

Speaking notes

All staff speaking notes about the survey – 3-5 minutes talk time.

Download PDF 0.08MB 4 pages

Sample news article

Use this article for your intranet, or digital broadcast to promote your survey.

Download PDF 0.08MB 2 pages

Poster Pack

Set of 9 posters you can use to promote your survey.

Splash Screens

Set of 9 splash screens you can use to promote your survey at workstations across your organisation.

Available in 3 resolution sizes:
Download 1920×1080
Download 1280×1024
Download 1024×768

Email Signature Banners

Set of 9 email signature banners you can use to promote your survey.

Promotional images

Set of 3 images you can use to promote your survey.