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People Matter Survey

People Matter Survey will be offered to all public sector organisations from Monday 31 May to Friday 25 June 2021.

People Matter is an independent opinion survey where employees from organisations across the public sector can have their say.

In 2020, almost 46,000 people from 191 organisations took part in an optional survey focused on wellbeing.

Survey results show how employees view different aspects of their workplaces, including job satisfaction, career development, wellbeing and diversity and inclusion, and helps the sector develop a high performing and engaged workforce.

Results from the survey will be available to organisations in late July.

About the survey

The People Matter Survey is the Victorian public sector’s annual employee opinion survey.

The survey is run by the Commission to support the public sector organisations to build positive workplace cultures that operate with integrity and live the public sector values.

In 2020, we ran a shorter survey focusing on employee wellbeing, that captured the views and experiences of almost 46,000 people from 191 organisations.

The survey results tell us how employees see their workplaces, including views on job satisfaction, career development, wellbeing and diversity and inclusion.

Organisations use the results to work out how to improve the working environment for their employees.

In 2021, you’ll see:

  • annual participation of all public sector organisations
  • public release of all organisations’ results
  • refinement to the survey, survey framework and reporting based on academic analysis and user feedback
  • up to date survey platform with an improved user experience, dashboard reporting and action planning tools.
  • new questions developed in consultation with the Commissioner for Gender Equality in the Public Sector to support organisations to report on progress against the Gender Equality Act 2020.
We plan to consult with the public sector on the People matter survey. You can register your interest to be part of the consultation.

People Matter Survey Practitioner Network

The People Matter Survey Practitioner Network helps people connect and share best-practices and knowledge about the survey.

The network helps members plan action and drive change based on survey results.

The network is open to people with:

  • direct responsibility for managing the survey in their organisation
  • an interest in organisational development and performance using the survey results.

The network meets about every 2 months.

To find out more or join, visit the Innovation Network.

Promotional materials

We’ve made new materials for 2021 including:

  • posters
  • splash screens
  • virtual meeting backgrounds
  • email signature banners
  • promotional images

Where to get help

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This resource suite contains:

Available formats

Survey Timeline

Download DOCX 0.12MB 2 pages

2021 People Matter Survey questions

Full list of 2021 People Matter Survey questions, includes questions indicated by ‘Workplace gender audit’ to help public sector organisations report under the Gender Equality Act 2020.

Download DOCX 0.06MB 40 pages

Template – Organisation composition and custom questions

Use this template to prepare your organisation composition and custom questions.

FAQs – People Matter Survey

Answers to frequently asked questions about the survey.

Download PDF 0.11MB 4 pages

Key messages – People Matter Survey

Use these messages to promote your survey.

Download PDF 0.14MB 4 pages

Poster Pack

Set of 10 posters you can use to promote your survey.

Download set of 1-5 posters
Download set of 6-10 posters

Splash Screens

Set of 10 splash screens you can use to promote your survey at workstations across your organisation.

Available in 3 resolution sizes:

Download 1920×1080
Download 1280×1024
Download 1024×768

Virtual meeting backgrounds

Set of 2 virtual meeting backgrounds you can use to promote your survey.

Email Signature Banners

Set of 10 email signature banners you can use to promote your survey.

Promotional images

Set of 3 images you can use to promote your survey.