The policy supports public sector executive employment so that:

  • we base hiring decisions on merits
  • employees work in line with the public sector values and employment principles as required by the Public Administration Act 2004

In accordance with s 63 of the Act, the VPSC recommends that within a reasonable and practicable timeframe, your public entity:

  • reviews its executive recruitment policies and processes to determine whether appropriate pre-employment misconduct screening is being undertaken, and
  • align its current policies and processes to conform with the Model Policy and the Guide in relation to executive recruitment.

Who the policy applies to

The policy applies to:

This policy doesn’t apply to:

  • public entities that are health services covered by the Health Executive Employment and Recruitment Policy
  • public entities already covered by or applying the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s Victorian Public Service Pre-employment Screening Policy
  • persons employed under Part 2.3 and Part 2.4 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006

If your entity isn’t listed, you can still adopt this policy if the Victorian Public Service Pre-employment misconduct screening policy does not apply to you.

What the policy does

The policy:

  • addresses integrity vulnerabilities in recruitment practices
  • sets a minimum standard for prescribed public entities to follow
  • seeks to stop an employee move to a role without disclosing their misconduct history
  • helps you assess misconduct declarations against a role’s inherent requirements

There is a template declaration and consent form available for you to use.

This resource suite contains:

Available formats

Model policy - pre-employment misconduct screening for public entity executives

A model policy you can adapt for use in your organisation.

Download DOCX 0.12MB 4 pages

Guide to pre-employment misconduct screening when hiring executives in public entities

A guide to support you implement this policy in your organisation.

Consent form and statutory declaration - pre-employment misconduct screening of public entity executives

A consent form and statutory declaration for candidates to fill out before you do pre-employment misconduct screening.

Download DOCX 0.15MB 5 pages

Misconduct declaration and consent form - pre-employment misconduct screening of public entity executives

An alternative form when a candidate can’t complete a statutory declaration.

Download DOCX 0.13MB 1 page

Validation form - pre-employment screening for public entity executives

A form you can use to validate misconduct declarations.

Download DOCX 0.13MB 2 pages