These resources are for people involved in a review of actions in a public service organisation. They include:

  • employees and their representative or support person
  • managers and other decision-makers
  • reviewers who may be employees, members of the Register of Review Officers or other independent contractors

Employees may ask their manager to review an employment related decision, such as discipline, that they consider is unfair. In certain circumstances, employees may also ask VPSC to conduct a review. The process is outlined in the Public Administration (Review of Actions) Regulations 2015.

Grievances and Complaints

This resource suite contains:

Available formats

Guidance for a Review of Actions

The guide outlines the roles and responsibilities of the people participating in a review of actions. These are the registrar, reviewer, employee, representative and support person, manager and decision-maker.

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Review of Actions FAQs

The guide answers questions people may have about the initial review of actions in a public service organisation and when a matter may be referred to VPSC.

Application to VPSC for a Review of Actions

The application form includes a self-assessment to help public service employees decide whether to apply to VPSC for a review of actions.

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Review of Actions Report Template

The template outlines the types of information the reviewer will include in a report following a review of actions hearing.

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